Student Email, User Accounts, RUA, SchoolDude

Many accounts need Internet Explorer 9 or higher

  • If something is not working check which IE version you have and update if necessary
  • Chrome and Firefox usually work well, also
  • WordPress and OneDrive are 2 that you might need to update for

Student Email/User accounts

  • First 4 of first name + first 4 of last name + last 4 of student number
  • Hyphenated names use the 2nd name
  • Apostrophes are not included
  • Only use your school email to correspond with students/parents
    • Always use your professional judgment when corresponding with students
  • Watch for email addresses that could be problematic for students
  • Talk with students and let them know we have the capability to see all emails they send/receive
  • Students must log onto a computer before their email will work – password is 12345678 (student must change upon first login)
  • Student’s computer and Email/Office 365 passwords are the same
  • If a student gets locked out, it will unlock in 15 mins (If they need their password changed please put in a ticket)
  • Encourage students to remember their passwords (It most likely won’t get reset immediately if they do)
  • Have a discussion with students about password security
  • I can get lists of student emails, the most I can sort is by grade (You may be able to get a list in PowerTeacher of your classes)
  • Students must use their account when on a school computer

Make sure you log off/lock your computer whenever you are not there (Email, schooldude, etc. automatically sign on under your account)

Make sure you are following Mr. Gaillard’s blog (I sent out an email with directions, let me know if you need help)

  • You can follow my blog, too, it’s on wordpress (
  • I will post there whenever I have information to share

I will be changing the user564 password (Please don’t share the password with students)

  • I will let everyone know when I do
  • Please don’t write it on the board

Home folders will be here this year (Try to start to using OneDrive. )

  • You can set up folders in OneDrive for students to share documents with you (It’s time consuming at first, but worth it)
  • There will be a training soon for those who want to learn more
  • When working with documents, if you ‘edit online’ you have less trouble with versions that aren’t the same

Students can download office for free at home on up to 5 devices! (We can download it for $10)

Responsible Use Agreement (RUA)

  • Will go home with student in Wednesday packets
  • Please encourage students to bring them back ASAP
  • Last year’s agreement is good until Sept. 5th, after that date students must have the new RUA in to use school computers/internet
  • Please keep a record of students who turn/do not turn them in
  • The RUA states that teachers can make accounts for students, but you must have their usernames/passwords in your records
  • The RUA and states that students are responsible for their own devices at school
  • Students must use guest wireless while at school (Not their own 3G/4G)


  • You received an email from central office with screenshots on how to put in a ticket (PIAT)
  • The first tab is for maintenance requests. (Those go to Mrs. Crayton)
  • The second tab is for IT requests. (Those go to Mrs. Landreth)
  • Please put in all maintenance and IT requests in Schooldude. (It is the best way to ensure your request gets done as soon as possible. When you PIAT we get an email notifying us.)
  • You can check the progress anytime
  • You may get an email asking for more information (Please make sure you respond)
  • You will get an email when your request is complete.
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