Technology Introduction (From August 13th)


Technology Facilitator

My space is in the back of the media center It consists of my work space and a mini lab. The lab will be used for:

  • Teacher trainings (I can come to you or you can come to me.)
  • Small student groups (Talk with me about pulling a small group of students.)
  • And such…

To get in contact with me you can:

  • Call my extension
  • Email me
  • Put in a ticket (PIAT)
  • Call the office

Don’t forget to complete the technology survey I sent out

  • It will help me to get to know your technology needs and give me an idea of who I need to get to first

I will be visiting classrooms next week to help set up technology

  • If you think of anything you need you can always email me or have questions ready
  • Please don’t put away technology in your room. If you have something you don’t want there is someone else that could use it.

I will be getting teacher laptops out next week

  • Make sure I take your name down if you need one

Apps/programs you need to get through the year (If you need help with any of them I will be here to help.)

  • Remind, WordPress, OneDrive, Twitter, your Outlook calendar, Schooldude, QR codes

A few quick fixes

  • Printer not printing?
    • Try turning it off/unplugging it, then turning it back on. Sometimes it just needs a refresh
  • Laptop not seeing wireless?
    • Look on the front of the laptop, there should be a little switch towards the left hand side. Make sure it is slid to the right (You should see green)
    • Try a gpupdate: Plug an Ethernet cord into laptop, then go to run in the start menu, type gpupdate /force /boot then hit enter.(It must be typed exactly as I have it here, with the spaces) It will ask you to log off. Hit ‘y’ for yes
  • Desktop not getting an internet connection?
    • Make sure the Ethernet cable is plugged into the wall and the back of the desktop. You should see blinking lights in the back where the cable is plugged in.
  • Computer just acting a little crazy? (Not seeing what it’s supposed to, getting funky messages, ect…)
    • Trying restarting it

A few important notes

    • This is for students and teachers. Toolbars are unnecessary and can cause problems with certain programs. They can also take up needed space on the monitor.
  • Please take care of the computer lab
    • Clean up any trash, check before and after every class to make sure everything is in working order.
    • If you see anything that needs to be fixed please log it on the ‘Computer Lab Repairs’ sheet.
    • Make sure students understand the expectations while in the lab before you go in.
  • Know your computer number
    • If something happens to your computer you need to know your computer number. It starts with M564…
  • Make sure your Internet security is up-to-date
    • If you see a little orange box in the lower right hand corner of your screen click it, open it, and click ‘Update’.
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