Office 365: Getting into E-mail and Saving/Uploading to OneDrive

*Note: OneDrive will not run on Internet Explorer 8 or lower. If you are using an older machine use Chrome and it should run.*

Get into e-mail:

Go to

Click on User Options, then Office 365 (Hint: You have to hover right over Office 365 for it to work.)


If you are at school type in your e-mail:

If you’re not at school type in your email, then when prompted type in your username and password


You are now in your e-mail!

Get into OneDrive:

Once you are in your email click on OneDrive towards the top of the page

If you don’t see OneDrive you most likely see three dots (…) towards the top of the page and OneDrive should show up


You are now in OneDrive! You can upload documents or start a new document

The first time you sign into OneDrive you will be asked to choose your country and time zone (Choose US: Eastern Time)
Share a document and/or folder:

Either upload a document by clicking Upload or create a new document by clicking New


On the main screen the document will show up, click on the lock symbol


You can choose to invite others by typing their last name and searching for them or you can invite others with a link

  • In both options you can choose to let the viewers just view the document or edit it
  • For folders, you can not share using a link

You can also share the document while editing it by clicking on Share towards the top of the page

Once you share a document the lock symbol will turn into a share symbol


You can find documents that others have shared with you by clicking on Shared with Me on the left hand side of the screen


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