Creating a SCHOOLDUDE Ticket

Please create a SCHOOLDUDE ticket anytime you need IT help.  It is the quickest way to ensure your request will handled.

Go to any WS/FCS page and click on User Options, then SCHOOLDUDE Requests. If you are at school you will not be asked for any login information.  If you are not at school you will be asked for your username and password.  Both are the same as when you login to a school computer.

Once you are in SCHOOLDUDE make sure you click on IT Request. If you do not click IT Request your ticket will be submitted through maintenance and will most likely be closed without being looked at.


Once you have clicked on IT Request (Note that the screen changed a bit), pick Wiley Middle from the drop down and type in your Area/Room Number. The Area dropdown is not active.


Choose the IT Problem Type (If your issue is not there, pick something that is as close as possible).


Type in your problem and be as specific as possible.


You may see some additional boxes appear depending on your problem.  Fill in those as best as you can.


Give the time(s) you are available.  If you don’t mind someone coming in your room while you are teaching put ‘Anytime’, if you have a specific time, put that.

If you have any attachments, attach those now. For instance, if you are getting a pop-up you can take a screenshot of it and attach it so I can see what’s going on.

Click Submit and you are done! You should get an email when you submit the ticket and one when it is complete.


You can always check on the status of your open tickets by clicking on My Requests.


If you ever receive an email that looks like this please reply to it by clicking on the link.  It means I need more information to complete your request.


Type your response in the space provided and click Post Response.


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