Following a WordPress Blog

To follow a WordPress blog, type in the blog URL into your address bar (Mr. Gaillard’s is and this one is and click on +Follow  in the lower right hand corner, then type in your email address. You should now receive emails whenever there is a new post.


You can also create a WordPress account and follow that way.  By creating an account you can set when you receive emails or use it for the WordPress app on your smart phone.  To create a WordPress account or to login to your account go to and click on Log In in the upper right hand corner.


If you have an account type in your information (scroll down on this blog post for directions on how to follow a WordPress blog.).

If you need to create an account, click on Register.


Fill in your e-mail address, choose a username, and pick a password (If you do not choose a password that is strong enough it will not accept it and a green check will not appear.).  Even if you do not plan on using a WordPress blog you still need to fill in a blog name.  It will automatically fill in your username and you can use that one.  Make sure you have 4 green check marks before you scroll down.


Scroll all the way down once all your information is filled in and click Create Blog.


Click Next Step through the next several steps (Unless you are planning on creating your own blog.).


Once you get here you can verify your account with your e-mail.  You can do it now or go to your e-mail later.


To follow a blog, click on Reader.


Click on Edit next to Blogs I Follow.


Type in to follow Mr. Gaillard’s blog, then click Follow.



Type in follow my blog, then click Follow.


Both blogs should show up here. Click on Edit to make sure you get e-mail notifications.


Make sure Immediately is highlighted.


You are now following our blogs on WordPress! Go you!

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2 Responses to Following a WordPress Blog

  1. Susan DZ says:

    On my Apple, at the very bottom right of someone’s blog, I just clicked onto the +Follow button and became a ‘follower’ without registering. It’s a bit easier, but I don’t know if it works on other computers. (: Susan DZ

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