Mirroring an Apple device with an Apple TV

Make sure your Apple TV is turned on and connected to your TV or projector.  If the white light on the Apple TV is not lit up press any button on your Apple TV remote.

Change the IPNUT on your TV to HDMI2. If you have a projector, change out the VGA cable (I am working on a better way).

You should now see floating pictures or the Apple TV interface.

On your IPad, first make sure you are connected to WSFCS_Public (If you need help with this see my post Logging onto WSFCS_Public).

‘Flip up’ from the bottom of your apple device.

image (5)

A box with AirPlay towards the middle will appear (If AirPlay does not show up the apple device is not connected to wireless. If you room does not show up your Apple TV is not turned on.). Click on AirPlay and a box with all of the available Apple TVs at Wiley will appear. Choose the room you want to connect to, then input the password for that room.  Please remember to not give out passwords to students.  Anyone who has the password can connect to your TV.

image (8)

Once you are connected, click on the circle next to Mirroring.

image (7)

The space will turn green and your device should now show up on your TV or projector. Click the Home Button to brighten the screen and get rid of the AirPlay box.

image 9

Happy Mirroring!

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