Edmodo: Creating and Joining Groups

From your home screen click on the + next to Groups.


From here you can Create or Join a group.  If you are joining a group, click Join and enter the group code. You should receive a code from the group administrator.


If you are creating a group, click Create fill in the information requested.


You can fill in this information if you want to, if not click Finish and you have created your group.


Once the group is created you will see the home screen for the group.  Give your students the group code to join.  If a student has an account, they can join the group once logged in.  If a student needs to create an account they will input the group code on the login screen.


You can create folders to store files in and you can see who has joined the group here.


You can also create small groups within the group if students are working on a project and they want to collaborate together.


You can send alerts, load assignments, give quizzes and polls, and assign snapshots by clicking on these tabs.


Once students join your group you can see who is a member by clicking Members.


Students are automatically able to interact with other students and you.  If you do not want a student to interact click Read Only. You can change this setting at any time.


You can get their parent code, change their password, remove their profile picture, or remove them from your group here.


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