Plickers: Getting Started

Plickers are a great way to quickly assess learners with minimal technology and set-up.  The teacher/facilitator can use multiple choice or true/false questions to gauge student understanding and get instant feedback.


  1. Teacher/Facilitator creates an account at
  2. Download app on 1 portable device.
  3. Print out a set of reusable cards.
  4. Add class(es).
  5. Create questions.

Resources Needed:

  1. One mobile device with a camera and Internet access. You will need this to scan the room for student responses.  This is also where you will see student responses.
  2. One device connected to a TV or projector. You will need this for students to see the question and to see if they have answered the question. You can do this without this resource, but it makes it a whole lot easier.
  3. One Plicker for each student. You can choose to have 1 class set that you use for all classes or a set for each class.

Getting Started at

Go to and create an account by clicking on Sign Up.

2014-12-02_12-11-20To set up your classes, click on Classes, then Add new class.2014-12-02_12-13-40Fill in your class information. 2014-12-02_12-14-16To add students, type their name in the box below the class name and hit Enter.  The student and Plicker number will populate below it. Please note that once you assign a number to a student you will have to go in and edit it to change the assignment.  To edit a Plicker, click on the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the by the student’s name.  2014-12-02_12-20-03To add questions to the question bank, click on Library, then type in your question and choose if you want it to be multiple choice or true/false.  Then, if choosing multiple choice type in your answer choices.  Your question will appear below.2014-12-02_12-21-07To add the question to a class, click on Expand and choose the class/es you want to add.2014-12-02_12-21-51Click on Cards to print a class set of Plicker cards.  Plicker recommends you print the cards on white paper and, if laminating, use matte lamination.  You could also give each student a card and have them put it in the clear front of their binder to have ready whenever you want to use it.2014-12-02_12-23-44

Click on Live View to show your group the question.  Once you scan the room, a check will appear if the student’s response was accepted, the box will stay blank if the response was not seen, or a grey bow with a dash will appear if they choose a response that is not valid (IE. There was no D, but the student chose D). Before this will work you have to download the app on a mobile device and sign in. The directions for this are below.2014-12-02_12-22-31  You can always click on Help for more directions, phone downloads, and other helpful information.2014-12-02_12-24-46

Getting Started on You Mobile Device

From your mobile device, go to and click on App Store or Google Play to download the app. Once you have downloaded the app, sign in with the same username and password you used in the previous steps.  Then, click on the period you need.

image5From there, click on the question you want to ask. image4Once you click on the question, your  projection device should be ready to take responses. Click on the camera symbol at the bottom of the device to start recording responses. If it doesn’t start to register responses try refreshing both devices.image3Once you start to scan the room you will see who has answered the question and if they got it correct.  The students can only see if they answered or not. They will see the Live View as seen above.image2You can click the check button on the bottom of the screen see a summary of the results. If you want to continue to take responses click on the camera again.  You can save the responses as long as you want . If you want to clear responses, click the Clear button in the lower right hand corner of the screen.  To change questions or classes, click the arrow on the upper left-hand corner of the screen.image1

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